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Postby Andi67 » Fri 20. Sep 2019, 13:29

From Mizery/Vintage.
MOD to control rates players (cl_cmdrate, cl_updaterate, rate, ping) to ensure all have the same settings.

This plugin is part of work from X@IDER (RateWatcher 0.16). Since the plugin was not adapted to dods, I allowed myself to change in depth. Many commands no longer exist, the code has been redesigned and optimized.

How to:
- A player comes server, if his config is good, the plugin indicates that all is OK, but if configuration does not match the one from the server then player will get a message to indicate the controls to change.
As the settings are not corrected, the player is red to indicate to others that the player does not play with proper configuration.
I allowed myself to make a simple command to the colorful player and why not block it. (look in "cfg/sourcemod/plugin.badrate.cfg" to configure)

- rate(rates displayed)
- Netstat (displays the networking)

- Put sm_dodratemanager.smx in "dod / addons / SourceMod / plugins"
- Put plugin.badrate.txt in "dod / addons / SourceMod / translations")
- Restart the server or change map

Note : 2 versions made
One with a Ban auto if plugin detect a change in cmdrate ingame (ping masking)
One with on Kick for same reason
Choose the one you need !
Dod Infos Bad Rate (kick option ping masking).zip
(4.61 MiB) Downloaded 273 times
Dod Infos Bad Rate (ban option ping masking).zip
(4.61 MiB) Downloaded 259 times

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