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Get Filelist of model

Posted: Thu 6. Feb 2014, 11:38
by tomvbr
Windows Key + R

CD Desktop
Put the Downloaded skin directory (ex lightning) on your desktop

CD lightning
This directory includes the materials and models folder with the files

Type in cmd to create a filelist:
dir /s /b > print.txt

The list is created in /desktop/lightning/
You get this (1 rule for example_:

Open it in notepad or notepad++ and press ctrl + H

tadaa 10sec work!

Re: Get Filelist of model

Posted: Sat 10. May 2014, 13:47
by Andi67
No. 1 , exellent !!!

Re: Get Filelist of model

Posted: Sat 9. May 2015, 17:02
by abacabb
how do u do it so it so it doesnt print c://desktop etc

and with / not \

afterwards i have to edit everything but i guess its faster than typing it manually

Get Filelist of model

Posted: Fri 12. Aug 2016, 11:56
by Ronalder
A model of a finite system can feasibly be on par with the system it models. But never a system of all.


Posted: Sun 10. Jul 2022, 18:32
by Davidlenty
I think, that you commit an error. I can prove it.