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Bad animations?

Posted: Sun 1. Feb 2015, 17:51
by killergecko
So i am trying to transfer a skin from cs:s to cs:go. I can have the model looking okay and most of the animations working well but 2 things keep being wrong. One is that the models seem hunched over slightly and the other issue is that they hold their weapons inside of the stomach for some reason. I use cannon fodders decompile and GUIstudiomdl to compile. When updating i keep the cs:s ragdol and the file that is the name of the model. I use a cs:go fbi phymodel and mdldecompile.qc In the mdldecompile i change the links to the other files and the materials.

Re: Bad animations?

Posted: Sun 1. Feb 2015, 19:47
by Andi67
Css ragdoll? With csgo skeleton or css skeleton?

Re: Bad animations?

Posted: Sun 1. Feb 2015, 20:30
by killergecko
I am using the css ragdoll with cs:s skeleton, but i have also tried cs:go skeleton and did not notice a difference. When the model stands in the T position it looks normal but when it goes to some other position it looks distorted almost as if it the bones are a mirror of what they should be also it looks like the skin gets messed up and becomes warped when it does things such as crouching. Could the cs:s use the audience side when the cs:go uses stage side. So the cs:s left side is the cs:go right side?
Also i am very new to working with skins so i am guessing and trying to figure out the right way and this seems to be making the skins work but i could be doing something completely wrong.

Re: Bad animations?

Posted: Wed 4. Feb 2015, 11:33
by ocidius13
hi killergecko, can you make a tuto or something to explain to me and show me how to create or modify a skin player models
i would like to start to make some but i dont know how


Bad animations

Posted: Mon 29. Feb 2016, 14:05
by IvanoFFchex
The model is animate correctly in blender. The problem appears only when it is exported. But I dont know, how to use the modifiers.
Could you help me, please?


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Bad animations

Posted: Sun 3. Apr 2016, 16:11
by Therpl
No sorry, that doesnt change anything. The problem is, I use MakeHuman to create people, then I export it for blender. I do the animations with blender but Irrlicht transpose them false. The knee is very strange and the left tight doesnt move.

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