[CS:GO] models need help

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[CS:GO] models need help

Postby asdfxD » Mon 29. Jun 2015, 14:03


i have a problem. i crab the csgo models with gcfscape for example the terrorist tm_leet and makinga a server side model. the whole model works server side ingame but i can't give headshots to this model, i don't understand why.

example of this skin with an easy playername and logo on the back:


everything works, all animations and so one except giving headshots.

can anyone help me?

i am using crowbar to compile the mdl file and qc file.

edit: problem solved. :)

Yeah i had the same problem but got it working after messing with it a little bit. So, apparently the latest update added rotational values to the hitboxes and so changed $hbox syntax.

The new syntax seems to be: $hbox (group number) (bone name) (min x) (min y) (min z) (max x) (max y) (max z) (roll) (pitch) (yaw)

MDLDecompiler obviously doesn't recognize those last three values so you end up with an incomplete $hbox lines in the decompiled qc file. To fix this, add "0.00 0.00 0.00" at the end of each $hbox line in your qc. Or if you just want the new default hitboxes, open one of the player models in Model Viewer, go to "Bones" tab and click the "Generate QC" box which will copy the correct hitboxes to your clipboard.

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CS GO models need help

Postby Therpl » Fri 1. Apr 2016, 15:18

when i try to use a CScounter strike model, and its perfect, but when i try the animations on the model, it appears sinked in the ground... I really want it to work perfectly, because Counter Strike models would look really Perfect in my game.

Any help will be very appreciated

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CS GO models need help

Postby Robertdaw » Sun 7. Aug 2016, 15:20

Ok, i have MainBody.Solid.Gbx but i dont can create other files. Tutorial?
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Postby Davidlenty » Sat 21. May 2022, 09:15

i was having the same problem my daughter went to photo bucket and down sized them. like you i am also fairly new to computers.but it does work

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